Thursday, August 7, 2014

2 day update!

Spent the remainder of our time with the rental car taking it to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland's most known hot spring/spa. Here's Mike posing silly.
I didn't take any photos inside the spa, but it looks this light blue color, it's very warm, you're surrounded by lava rocks, and it's full of people! There's a swim up bar, waterfall, steam room, and sauna. They also have areas where you can get a mud mask (included with admission) to use on your face (or entire body). The whole thing is touristy and a bit pricey (especially if you splurge on food/drinks, which we didn't), but also AWESOME. So pretty!

Afterwards, we stopped at a scenic point where we could get out and play in the lava fields (large swaths of lava rock where mostly only moss can grow). The moss is very squishy and fun to play in!
I did a cartwheel! ;-)

The next day Kayla and I found 'treasure' geocaching. This took a long time. We may have been a little lost... :-P
It took us to this building, Perlan, in the middle of some forest on a hill.
You can get a good view of the city, but it was super windy!

That night was Pride Opening Ceremony.

There was a choir and a band.

Willam, an American drag queen, who is hilarious.

And this guy. He's quite famous in Iceland, I think.

Most of it was in Icelandic, unfortunately, so I couldn't follow what was happening. There was even a speech by their former prime minister. A pair of singers that everyone was cracking up with I particularly wished I had understood. :-/

We went out for a couple drinks afterwards and there was much revelry in the streets. :D

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  1. oh man, I'm glad we practiced those kartwheels. you could have fallen on...well...soft squishy moss I guess.

    why is nobody else making fun comments!? I totally gave mom this link.