Monday, August 4, 2014


Walked up and down Laugavegur looking for a place to eat breakfast and settled on Sandholt, a bakery that has been around since the 1920s. Lots of sandwiches and pastries to choose from. They also make chocolates, but we did not partake for breakfast. We did, however, have coffee. :)

This was before we went back to the apartment to wait for Kayla's arrival. Then it was our nap time, as mentioned previously. NAPS!

Afterwards we wandered around the downtown area popping into shops and visiting the large Church near the center of town. You can take an elevator up to the area just below the bell tower ($6) and get a 360 degree view of the city. It's quite windy, but worth it.

We learned that today was Iceland's labor day, so many of it's residents had taken off for weekend camping trips. Some shops were closed and, unfortunately, all the banks. Yay for plastic! It did seem a bit empty early in the day. As it went on, more and more people started appearing on the streets, many carrying large backpacks and corralling young children.
There was still plenty to see and do though. Tomorrow we're planning to rent a car and visit one of the national parks. But not until we get some real sleep!

Some other photos:
Mike in front of our fav coffee house, Cafe Babalu.

Pretty, but expensive, Icelandic wool sweater. (Did not purchase, but may try to recreate at home!)

And you know I had a Iceland hot dog today. Actually, we were good and Mike and I split one. There will be much eating...

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