Saturday, August 9, 2014

Puffins and Pride Parade

Alex, Kayla and I got up extra early today to catch a puffin tour from the harbor. Our boat sailed out to this island where we could float close to the shore and see the puffins in their cave nests and flying to and from the water.

They are quite small and live in those little spaces just below the top cliff of grass. Our tour guide said they are "clumsy fliers" but they can dive up to 60 meters. That's almost 200 feet! I tried to get more photos, but they all look like this: a lot of grass/water with small white specks.

Later we went to the Pride parade. Mike and I were ready!

There were many people and rainbows. Everyone was having a good time. It's a family affair so most raunchiness is left at home. If anyone has ever been to, for example, Chicago's Pride, you can tell this looks quite different.

USA represent!

There was a concert of local musicians after the parade. All free!

And more free music at a smaller location after that!

These are some carved wooden sea monsters (dragons?) at an entrance to a shop. Dragons for Mark!

And let me end with this lovely crepe! Because it's pretty. Also, happier than the fact that I think I'm getting a sore throat. All that walking around in cold winds and not enough sleep or water. Yikes! I need to take better care; I've still got a week to go! (PS I hope all my work ladies made it through this week ok! I'll be home and bothering you before you know it! Hopefully, without any sickness...)

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